Upcoming Events

Due to the pandemic, all events at Jaipur Gunijankhana have been suspended till further notice.  




Online Initiatives




‘Swargange Che Saadhak’: An online web-series featuring various artists of Hindustani music hosted by Dr. Radhika Joshi. The series was inaugurated in February 2021. Episodes are released on the first saturday of every month.


Episode 1: Conversation with Dr. Alka Deo Marulkar


Episode 2: Tribute to Vidushi Girija Devi with Smt. Sunanda Sharma


Episode 3: Chat with Sanwadini vaadak Suyog Kundalkar 


Episode 4: Pursuing Indian music outside India- a dialogue with Warren Senders




Click here to view the videos: Swargange Che Saadhak (Playlist)




Guru-Smruti Series: A 10 episode series featuring 11 artists of the Jaipur Atrauli Gharana who have made remarkable contributions as Gurus in keeping the music of the Gharana alive. This series was released on 5th July 2020, to mark Gurupoornima that year.


Contibuting artists: Vid. Shruti Sadolikar, Dr. Milind Malshe, Namita Devidayal, Smt. Pratima Tilak, Smt. Kumudini Katdhare, Shri. Vishwas Shirgaonkar, Shri. Arun Kulkarni



Click here to view the series: Guru Smruti Playlist







































































1. 10th April 2020: On Kishoritai’s birthday, we share with you an interview published in 2001:
































Mukta Samvaad: Diwali Ank 2001- Smt. Kishori Amonkar (article by Prawara Sandeep Limaye)