Our Team


Dr. Radhika Joshi

Dr. Radhika Joshi Ray is the founder of the Jaipur Gunijankhana. She is a disciple of Pt. Raghunadan Panshikar, and is gradually making a mark for herself as an upcoming vocalist of this tradition. Radhika is extremely passionate about documenting the rich tradition in Indian classical music and has taken the ardous task of cataloguing the ragas and bandishes of the Jaipur Ataulighanara. She has been awarded  the Archival and Museum fellowship by the India Foundation for the Arts  and Saptak  to support her in this endeavour. In addition to her pursuits in music, Radhika holds a PhD in Economics from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Click here to know more about her. 


Dr. Veena Joshi

Dr. Veena Joshi is the co-founder of Jaipur Gunijankhana. She has studied the Sitar under Ustad Usman Khan, Pune and Pandit Nayan Ghosh at Sangeet Mahabharati, Mumbai for several years. She has given concerts in Singapore, Malaysia and Kenya. Dr. Joshi has also written several articles on North Indian Classical music which were published in The Straits Times, Singapore. She holds a master’s degree in statistics and a PhD in Industrial Psychology. She currently works as a consultant in epidemiology and social research at various institutes and hospitals in India.


Pt. Raghunandan Panshikar

Raghunandan Panshikar is a renowned vocalist of the Jaipur Atrauli Gharana. He is a disciple of Gaansaraswati Kishori Amonkar, with whom he studied for over twenty years. During this time, Raghunandan Ji also studied under Gaantapaswini Mogubai Kurdikar ji. Panditji played a key role in conceptualizing Jaipur Gunijankhana. At present, he continues to serve as a mentor and advises us on the various projects and events organized at Jaipur Gunijankhana.

Mr. U. B. Gujar

Mr. Uday Gujar is a practicing Chartered Accountant since 1974. He is actively involved in several professional organisations, and has held different positions with NGOs and  Educational Institutions that work towards social change. Uday ji advises us on all matters relating to finance and accounts.



A software professional, harmonium player and music enthusiast, Milind Gole has facilitated the online search facility of the music archive. He also contributes regularly towards all other jobs at Jaipur Gunijankhana.


Avadhoot Jathar

Avadhoot  is very passionate about Hindustani music and helps with several jobs at the archive, in particular providing subtitles in English to many of our videos!

 Avanti Hejib

Avanti is an illustrator and has helped desing all the lovely posters of events at Jaipur Gunijankhana. She is also a regular photographer for our events.

Pushkaraj Apte is a music enthusiast and regularly handles the sound and many other things during events at Jaipur Gunijankhana. He has also contributed greatly to cataloguing the music available at the archive.

Technical Team

Prachi Gole,  Rishi Bolinjkar and Aditya Bodke are undergraduate students and have helped in designing the online catalogue of the archive.