Jaipur Gunijankhana continued its tradition to explore various facets of Indian Classical music through performances, lecture demonstrations. This time we hosted Dr. Suresh Chandanvankar, an passionate and celebrated record collector focusing on recorded music of three doyens of Jaipur Gharanas, namely, Kesarbai, Mogubai and Kishoritai, representing two illustrious generations of the gharana.

Dr. Chandanvankar took us back in history and walked us through that age of evolution of recording technology and how each of the doyen dealt with the technology in their own way. As in the case of any technology, even musicians, in particular these three ladies, evolved from being skeptics to experimentalist to adopting the new wave of recording medium to reach out to their audiences. 

Special Attendies: Prof. John Campana, Shri. Bharat Kamat  

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