The Hindustani tanpura is typically a 4 stringed instrument. The first string is most frequently tuned to Pancham of the lower octave, the middle two strings known as ‘jod’ are tuned to sa of the middle octave while the last string is tuned to sa of the lower octave. In addition to these two notes (Sa and Pa) which are heard directly when the strings on the tanpura are plucked, one can also hear Ga on a well tuned tanpura. In the world of Hindustani music, this is known as the Swayambhu Gandhar- one that plays by itself. 

 In this workshop, Raghunandanji asserted that it should not take more than 3 to 4 minutes to tune a tanpura at a basic level. With time, you can tune and retune to make it perfect but for students who are tuning a tanpura for Riyaz, they should not spend more than 5 minutes tuning a tanpura. 

 Special Attendees: Chandra Pai, Manjiri Asnare, Madhuvanti Deo,Revati Kamat, Bharat Kamat

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